My Scraptuary


No, this is not my scraproom… but I would love to have a studio like this when I grow up.  🙂

This is what I imagine my scrap room would look like: a French chic theme with a black and pink motif; a black and beaded chandelier above my island-type work table in the middle of the room; a separate sitting area where I can relax and read my idea books and magazines; a sewing area with a pink sewing machine, a computer space where I can print photos and surf the net. Check out the photos below:


Why I love these studios:

Upper left photo – I love the clean look and the work area in the middle of the room.

Upper center photo – I love how she organized her supplies.

Upper right photo – Love the pink & black boxes!

Center photo – Love the chair and the color of course.

Lower left photo – Just because it’s PINK! Notice the pink sewing machine. Love it so much. 🙂 She also has a pink personal ref. Lucky girl!

Lower right photo – I like this studio because the area is spacious enough that you can have separate spaces for die-cutting, stamping, sewing and such.

This is my reality!


This used to be my hubby’s space before I invaded and called it my “scraptuary”. The poor guy was clueless on what was going on until the invasion was almost complete and there is nothing he can do to change it. LOL! Don’t be sorry for him, he can still use the space and the computer and I must say the place looks nicer and much more organized than before.

Anyway, the invasion started out in this little corner with my hubby’s old study table which we brought when we moved out of my in-law’s place. As you can see the space is too small and I need a place to put my supplies so I used part of the bookshelf that is beside my work area.


After awhile, I made use of the empty wall at the other side of the room to put my finished layouts and called it my gallery. (This was the time my sisters commented that I am invading Jasper’s space inch by inch.) I will share with you how I created this gallery in another post.


And then, my hubby helped me rearranged the sofa and organized the CPU and printers. The sitting area looks more inviting now than it did before. You can usually find my hubby hanging around here with his play station or reading a book.


This is “our” computer area. Most of the time you can find me here when I’m not with my son.


The final step was moving his collection of books from the cabinet and transferring it to the shelves downstairs. I did inform him of my plan and he agreed, he’s that kind of a guy… VERY SUPPORTIVE AND PATIENT!


The “invasion” did not happen over-time. It took me about four to five months to redo the space and finally I’m happy with the outcome. It is not the dream scrap room I Imagined but it will have to do for now.

That’s it for now.

Thanks for dropping by.

Have a good one!


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