The day Zach brought home a CAT

We went to the mall yesterday to buy a gift for Jasper’s godson. While I was busy looking around, Jasper and Zach went to the toy section which I was glad because I don’t want them hanging around while I shopped. It took me awhile to pick the item I want but when I did they still haven’t showed up which made me wonder what they were up to. After awhile, I saw them and a salesman was following them with a big box. Jasper told me to look at Zach’s reaction. When the salesman opened the box and out came a big yellow truck, Zach got down on the floor and started playing with it, a first for him because usually he is just contented to look around. Since this was the first time it happened we ended up buying it and it is now wrapped up and placed under the tree! The next time we go to the mall, I better watch out for this duo or will end up with more toys and no space. J


Another thing that caught Zach’s attention was the escalator. This was the first time he rode it without his stroller and I can see the amazement on his face. Every time we stepped out of one he would turn around with the intention of riding again.


Zach had a great time exploring the mall and I can see that this is a start of something new for him. My little boy is growing up sooo fast and I’m not sure I’m ready for this new stage!

That’s it for now.

Have a good one!


One Response to “The day Zach brought home a CAT”

  1. CaRyL HoPe Says:

    Isn’t he just adorable? It’s so great that you captured this bits & pieces of his early years! I love the story of the escalator & the CAT. He’s definitely growing up fast! 🙂

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