Project 365 – Day 14

Night out @ Greenbelt…

jan-14perfect match

We went to Greenbelt with Jun and our friend Clark to have some fun. Got there @ around 10pm and the place was almost empty. No surprise there, coz it’s a weekday after all.

The three guys ordered beer while I had a mango juice (I’m still breastfeeding so no alcoholic drink for me). We were there for less than an hour and I noticed that Jasper was already sleepy (oh dear). He took medication for his toothache right before we left and any medicine he takes is sends him to dreamland. Needless to say our night ended early but it was fun while it lasted.


One Response to “Project 365 – Day 14”

  1. CaRyL HoPe Says:

    Me love! You should do this more often… 🙂

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