project 365 – day 32 to 39

I have decided to upload my photo of the day in a weekly basis. I found it hard to make time every single day just to upload it. So now I will just post the seven photos every Monday, hope I can keep up! 🙂

Feb 1

Opened my mail today and this is what i saw…


lucky me 🙂

For the very first time I finally won some scrapping goodies.  I won this just by posting a comment on ScrapScene’s post about Crafty Secrets. I never thought I’d win this because there were a lot who joined, guess I got lucky. 🙂  Thanks to ScrapScene and Crafty Secrets for this giveaway. I’m looking forward to receiving my prize soon.

Feb 2

feb-2goodbye car, hello van

Today, we are giving up this car because we got ourselves a van that we really need for our business. It’s hard to say goodbye ‘coz this car has been with us for a long time but we have to be practical about it and just let go. So goodbye car, hope your new owner will take good care of you.

Feb 3

feb-3happy feet

It doesn’t only look nice it’s comfy too. I can wear this for hours and still be okay. It’s nice to have a comfortable pair of shoes to keep up with my little boy.

Feb 4

feb-4scraptuary make-over

I finished the make-over of my “Scraptuary” today. Hubby helped me put the two shelves up on the wall. The “OC” in me was a little disappointed (okay, a lot) at first because it’s not aligned properly, but hey life is not perfect so I just have to live with it, right? Anyway, drilling eight new holes on the wall is no joke; you can ask hubby, who’s no handyman. LOL. In the end, I was pleased with how it all came together. Needless to say, I’m a happy scrapper with a new embellishment center! 🙂

Feb 5

feb-51Jasper & Zach

We went to SM Makati today, to pay our bills. We parked at Park Square, on the floor connected to SM. We were gone for over an hour and when we got back we discovered that somebody broke into our van and stole Jasper’s iPod. 😦 The thief scattered all our stuff looking for anything valuable, good thing only the iPod was there, if not we would really be in deep trouble. I’m just glad that nothing happened to us and it is a lesson learned for us to never leave anything of value inside the car.

Anyway, in my nervousness and anger, I forgot to take pictures of the state the van was in when we discovered it. I took the picture above when we were on our way to the parking lot.

Feb 6


We spent the day at home after the bad incident yesterday. I got to finish some projects which I will share with you in the next few days. Anyway, Zach was exploring my Scraptuary this afternoon. He is a happy boy when you let him do the things he wants.

Feb 7

Jasper got this…


…a gift from Mom, after she found out what happened to us the other day. She felt sorry for Jasz and to make him feel better she decided to replace the stolen one with a newer version.  Thanks Ma!

Feb 8

feb-8breakfast in the evening

I usually do my projects until the wee hours of the morning. In most times I get hungry, so I grab an early breakfast. LOL

That’s it for my day 32 to 38. I have to go to sleep now ‘coz it’s almost five in the morning. Thanks for dropping by. See yah.


2 Responses to “project 365 – day 32 to 39”

  1. CaRyL HoPe Says:

    What happened to the van and Jasper’s ipod is so unfortunate! These days we can’t be too careful…

  2. june portugal Says:

    hey is that MILO?! its good, it will give you more energy and you can finish your project – until the sun comes out! 😀

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