project 365 – day 40 to 46

Feb 9

feb-9Bath time

Zach use to fit in that little white basin he is sitting on… look at him now. Can’t believe how fast he has grown, next thing I know he’ll be taking a bath on his own.

Feb 10


Zach and I went to High Street, our usual hang out place @ the Fort. My little guy is starting to explore his surroundings. He was keen on touching the water and he did it several times. The satisfaction you see on his face every time he does is priceless. I managed to take a number of photos and I can’t wait to start scrapping.

Feb 11

feb-111not your kind of day

Zach’s 4th visit to the kiddie salon… and he wasn’t happy about it. The barber used electric razor and he doesn’t like the sound so he started crying. Jasper held him but still he wouldn’t stop. It was too late when I mentioned to the barber that Zach doesn’t like the razor if I told him earlier then he would have used plain old scissors… dah! In my defense, I thought he had to use the razor with the haircut Jasper chose for Zach. Oh well, what’s done is done and anyway, my baby looked so adorable after.

Feb 12

feb-12my world

I started working on my December Daily today. I’m still trying to sort my supplies and organize everything. Hopefully I can finish this project on schedule but I have my doubts coz this is a big project to undertake. So good luck to me…

Feb 13

Jasper went out today and when he got back he brought me this…

feb-13Happy Valentine’s Day

His early Valentine’s day gift for me… SUWEEET! It got a little damaged in transit but hey, it still taste good! Happy Valentine’s Day Honey!

Feb 14


I mentioned before that it is easier for me to make a layout if I have a sketch beforehand… well this is a classic example. These sketches are for my December Daily album. I’ve been working on this since yesterday and finally it’s done. It took me awhile because I had to measure each paper, coordinate the colors and I had to decide which photos to use.

Feb 15

feb-15work in progress

Today I did some photo editing and printing using my Photoshop CS.I am so liking this program right now coz I can maximize the use of my photo papers. I still have a lot to learn when it comes to editing photos but I’m getting there.


One Response to “project 365 – day 40 to 46”

  1. CaRyL HoPe Says:

    Hey, can’t wait to see your December Daily album! 🙂

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