project 365 – day 47 to 53

Feb 16

feb-16Nap Time

Yah, he can be in this position and still sleep the day/night away. It doesn’t look comfortable to me, but I don’t want to disturb his sleep so I just let him be.

Feb 17

feb-17Treasure Chest

I saw this native treasure chest in the mall today and I immediately thought of my sister, Hope. She loves this kind of stuff so I took a picture so that I can show it to her. I’m sure she’s going to love this! This is the perfect storage for her treasured mini albums.

Feb 18

feb-18day @ the park

This is one of the spots that I love to photograph when I’m in High Street. I love to hang out here and just relax while watching Zach explore.

Feb 19

feb-19beating the deadline

I am in a rush to finish my December Daily album but no one is available to watch over Zach. So I brought all my scrapbooking stuff downstairs and scrapped on the dining table. Good thing Zach was in a good mood and he did not bother me at all. The thing I discovered while scrapping downstairs is that I need a bigger table for my Scraptuary upstairs. 🙂 I wish I had more room!

Feb 20


Snapshot of the day! Zach is use to having his picture taken being a son of a scrapper mom. But today, he was not in the mood. He was more interested in the camera than having his photo taken.

Feb 21

feb-21addicted to “pastillas”

Jasper love “pastillas” so much that he was willing to make one. :-)What he didn’t realize is it takes a lot of hard work to do it. The process is really simple but the mixing part is the problem. You see, we do not have an electric mixer so he had to do it by hand. He was glad when he was done and of course he savored the fruit of his labor.

Feb 22


My in-laws are very well-travelled people. They have not only toured the Philippines but also abroad. As a souvenir, my MIL started collecting ref magnets a few years back and these are part of her collection. If she started this collection earlier, the ref would have been full of it already and maybe she would have bought a new one. LOL.


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