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project 365 – days 54 to 60

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Feb 23feb-23


Errands day today… I just deposited money for my sister’s condo in Makati and we dropped by Mega World to pay Real Estate Ta…, again for the condo. I took this picture while we were cruising along High Street in Fort Bonifacio on our way to check out Rudy Project and iPod shops.

Feb 24

feb-24afamily affair

We had dinner at Abe in Serendra with my MIL, BIL and 2 of Jasper’s cousins. I did not like the food so much, it’s too salty for my taste but the atmosphere there is great. After dinner we went to High Street and had coffee and as usual Zach had a blast.

Feb 25


Oh, my goodies arrived today. This is the very first RAK I received. They also sent me a catalog of their products for 2009 and I tell you they are so yummy. Do check out Crafty Secrets if you are into vintage stuffs, you won’t be disappointed with their product line-up.

Feb 26

feb-26kayang-kaya kaya?

I’m in front of the computer again and this time I am preparing my very first entry to Pinoy Scrapbookers’ Challenge blog. I decided to join this month’s challenge because {one} I love the RAK and {two} I have the perfect LO.

Feb 27

feb-27party with a view

We attended a birthday party of Jasper’s friend, Tina. And while Zach was playing with Tina’s 4-year-old daughter, Cheska I managed to take this photo of the guests.

Feb 28


My entry is up over at Pinoy Scrapbookers’ Challenge blog. It is cool to see my work in another site and being viewed by a lot of scrappers.

Mar 01

mar-011Sunday Scene

This is the usual scene every Sunday at my in-laws’ place. Both my FIL & MIL are very busy people but every Sunday they make sure that they are home to play with their one and only grandchild.


project 365 – day 47 to 53

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Feb 16

feb-16Nap Time

Yah, he can be in this position and still sleep the day/night away. It doesn’t look comfortable to me, but I don’t want to disturb his sleep so I just let him be.

Feb 17

feb-17Treasure Chest

I saw this native treasure chest in the mall today and I immediately thought of my sister, Hope. She loves this kind of stuff so I took a picture so that I can show it to her. I’m sure she’s going to love this! This is the perfect storage for her treasured mini albums.

Feb 18

feb-18day @ the park

This is one of the spots that I love to photograph when I’m in High Street. I love to hang out here and just relax while watching Zach explore.

Feb 19

feb-19beating the deadline

I am in a rush to finish my December Daily album but no one is available to watch over Zach. So I brought all my scrapbooking stuff downstairs and scrapped on the dining table. Good thing Zach was in a good mood and he did not bother me at all. The thing I discovered while scrapping downstairs is that I need a bigger table for my Scraptuary upstairs. 🙂 I wish I had more room!

Feb 20


Snapshot of the day! Zach is use to having his picture taken being a son of a scrapper mom. But today, he was not in the mood. He was more interested in the camera than having his photo taken.

Feb 21

feb-21addicted to “pastillas”

Jasper love “pastillas” so much that he was willing to make one. :-)What he didn’t realize is it takes a lot of hard work to do it. The process is really simple but the mixing part is the problem. You see, we do not have an electric mixer so he had to do it by hand. He was glad when he was done and of course he savored the fruit of his labor.

Feb 22


My in-laws are very well-travelled people. They have not only toured the Philippines but also abroad. As a souvenir, my MIL started collecting ref magnets a few years back and these are part of her collection. If she started this collection earlier, the ref would have been full of it already and maybe she would have bought a new one. LOL.

project 365 – day 40 to 46

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Feb 9

feb-9Bath time

Zach use to fit in that little white basin he is sitting on… look at him now. Can’t believe how fast he has grown, next thing I know he’ll be taking a bath on his own.

Feb 10


Zach and I went to High Street, our usual hang out place @ the Fort. My little guy is starting to explore his surroundings. He was keen on touching the water and he did it several times. The satisfaction you see on his face every time he does is priceless. I managed to take a number of photos and I can’t wait to start scrapping.

Feb 11

feb-111not your kind of day

Zach’s 4th visit to the kiddie salon… and he wasn’t happy about it. The barber used electric razor and he doesn’t like the sound so he started crying. Jasper held him but still he wouldn’t stop. It was too late when I mentioned to the barber that Zach doesn’t like the razor if I told him earlier then he would have used plain old scissors… dah! In my defense, I thought he had to use the razor with the haircut Jasper chose for Zach. Oh well, what’s done is done and anyway, my baby looked so adorable after.

Feb 12

feb-12my world

I started working on my December Daily today. I’m still trying to sort my supplies and organize everything. Hopefully I can finish this project on schedule but I have my doubts coz this is a big project to undertake. So good luck to me…

Feb 13

Jasper went out today and when he got back he brought me this…

feb-13Happy Valentine’s Day

His early Valentine’s day gift for me… SUWEEET! It got a little damaged in transit but hey, it still taste good! Happy Valentine’s Day Honey!

Feb 14


I mentioned before that it is easier for me to make a layout if I have a sketch beforehand… well this is a classic example. These sketches are for my December Daily album. I’ve been working on this since yesterday and finally it’s done. It took me awhile because I had to measure each paper, coordinate the colors and I had to decide which photos to use.

Feb 15

feb-15work in progress

Today I did some photo editing and printing using my Photoshop CS.I am so liking this program right now coz I can maximize the use of my photo papers. I still have a lot to learn when it comes to editing photos but I’m getting there.

project 365 – day 32 to 39

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I have decided to upload my photo of the day in a weekly basis. I found it hard to make time every single day just to upload it. So now I will just post the seven photos every Monday, hope I can keep up! 🙂

Feb 1

Opened my mail today and this is what i saw…


lucky me 🙂

For the very first time I finally won some scrapping goodies.  I won this just by posting a comment on ScrapScene’s post about Crafty Secrets. I never thought I’d win this because there were a lot who joined, guess I got lucky. 🙂  Thanks to ScrapScene and Crafty Secrets for this giveaway. I’m looking forward to receiving my prize soon.

Feb 2

feb-2goodbye car, hello van

Today, we are giving up this car because we got ourselves a van that we really need for our business. It’s hard to say goodbye ‘coz this car has been with us for a long time but we have to be practical about it and just let go. So goodbye car, hope your new owner will take good care of you.

Feb 3

feb-3happy feet

It doesn’t only look nice it’s comfy too. I can wear this for hours and still be okay. It’s nice to have a comfortable pair of shoes to keep up with my little boy.

Feb 4

feb-4scraptuary make-over

I finished the make-over of my “Scraptuary” today. Hubby helped me put the two shelves up on the wall. The “OC” in me was a little disappointed (okay, a lot) at first because it’s not aligned properly, but hey life is not perfect so I just have to live with it, right? Anyway, drilling eight new holes on the wall is no joke; you can ask hubby, who’s no handyman. LOL. In the end, I was pleased with how it all came together. Needless to say, I’m a happy scrapper with a new embellishment center! 🙂

Feb 5

feb-51Jasper & Zach

We went to SM Makati today, to pay our bills. We parked at Park Square, on the floor connected to SM. We were gone for over an hour and when we got back we discovered that somebody broke into our van and stole Jasper’s iPod. 😦 The thief scattered all our stuff looking for anything valuable, good thing only the iPod was there, if not we would really be in deep trouble. I’m just glad that nothing happened to us and it is a lesson learned for us to never leave anything of value inside the car.

Anyway, in my nervousness and anger, I forgot to take pictures of the state the van was in when we discovered it. I took the picture above when we were on our way to the parking lot.

Feb 6


We spent the day at home after the bad incident yesterday. I got to finish some projects which I will share with you in the next few days. Anyway, Zach was exploring my Scraptuary this afternoon. He is a happy boy when you let him do the things he wants.

Feb 7

Jasper got this…


…a gift from Mom, after she found out what happened to us the other day. She felt sorry for Jasz and to make him feel better she decided to replace the stolen one with a newer version.  Thanks Ma!

Feb 8

feb-8breakfast in the evening

I usually do my projects until the wee hours of the morning. In most times I get hungry, so I grab an early breakfast. LOL

That’s it for my day 32 to 38. I have to go to sleep now ‘coz it’s almost five in the morning. Thanks for dropping by. See yah.

project 365 – day 31

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Jan 31


I love to photograph trees like this one. I took this when I went with Jasper to Clark, Pampanga. Love this photo. 🙂

project 365 – day 30

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Jan 30

jan-30fighting for computer time

In a few years, this little guy will be fighting us for computer time. Even as early as now he wants to play with it already! Every time he passes by this area, he would automatically reach for the keyboard and mouse. And also, he would look at the monitor and say “To” (short for Tito) because he often sees my brother who we usually talk through a video call.

project 365 – day 29

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Jan 29

jan-29our “big boy”

We got it! This “big boy” is now ours. We had the engine checked to make sure it is safe to drive. So far so good… 🙂